Wings Museum Visitors Comments

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Below are genuine comments taken from the visitors book of past visitors to the Wings Museum when it was open at Redhill Aerodrome in 2008. We have now moved and are truely bigger and better than before!
"As Dutch Holland visitor it is interesting to see some of the British views on a terrible period."
"Quite Brilliant! very clear labels & explanations. A lot of work & well worth it! Thank you for a great museum."
"A fitting tribute, thank you."

"Thank you for putting together such an extensive & atmospheric display. I found the collection of items from the Reigate Hill B-17 tradedy very moving, since I was born in Reigate and have always known of this dreadful accident."

"Great Exhibition - brought back many childhood memories. Especially the 'sounds'. Really excellent. Thank you!"
"A marvellous collection! One feels humble at the great price these men paid and admiration for the museums personnel who have put so much hard work & dedication so that we may remember them."
"Wonderful exhibition - thank you. This needs to be supported by the council - these brave men of WW2 should never be forgotten."
"I am writing this for my father who is a WW2 veteran. "Most interesting museum - commendable, no stone left unturned!"
"Very Interesting with loads of personal information - very moving."
"Old enough to remember the war. The news and music brought things back clearly. With German and American exhibits makes it a very balanced display."
"a big thank you and well done in your efforts."
"A fascinating and most moving display of WW2 artifacts and memorabilia. It represents a substantial and dedicated effort by the volunteers who have collected, assembled, researched and displayed the items in such an interesting mannor. Altogether a splendid effort."
"Wonderful exhibition - much appreciated by an ex RAF Pilot and his ex WAAF wife!"
"A brilliant museum. Well done!" Aged 10
"A great day out, well presented."
"A very enjoyable visit. It's enjoyable to see history come to life. Well done to all those who have dedicated their time to provide this museum."
"Great exhibition - looking forward to seeing it grow!"
"They shall not grow old as we left here will grow old, Intriging museum - well done, keep us the good work!"
"Being here takes me back to my childhood, standing on the shelter cheering on our planes during dogfights over Kent, then being clipped round the ear for not being being down the shelter! We collected shrapnel and burned our fingers on the hot metal many times. It also brings back memories of doodlebugs (V1's) a really frightening experience when the engines stopped and even worse with the slient V2's."
"Very interesting exhibition - let's hope it grows and grows!"
"Very interesting and educational."
"Brilliant! I'll be back - local enthusiast & RAF Museum member."
"Pretty display and friendly."
"In memory of those who contributed to the victory but did not live to see it."
"Cool displays."
"Makes you Realise how lucky we are."
"An excellent reminder to those of us who lived in this area during the war."
"A first class exhibition, everyone should see this to remind us of the sacrifices of the young men of our forces."
"Beautifully presented - it took me back."
"Ex RAF - Very interesting."
"Ex Bristow employee - very interesting and worth several visits."
"What a fascinating place. It has a real sense of nostalgia and the personal stories and letters make it much more accessible and poignant."
"Fascinating exhibition, so much to see. Well done, keep it up. I am amazed with the painstaking way in which so much fragmentation is identified."
"Very interesting finds buried in the ground."
"Excellent, it is great to find some local history so well presented. I look forward to bringing my school children here soon. Thank You!"
"An enlightening experience."
"The persoonal stories of the pilots are very moving."
"One of the most authentic 'real' & informative displays I have visited!"
"Extremely interesting - definately worth another visit."
"Keep up the good work."
"Born in September 1943, I was too young to remember the seond World War conflict. As a youngster I watched the black and white and later colour glamorised cinema coverage of the Battle of Britain etc. Now older & hopefully wizer! the bravery & dogged determination of our forefathers who fought to protect their kids and loved ones makes me feel very humble."
"Excellent, Redhill needs a higher profile - too many pilots don't know of it's existance."
"Very Interesting, we will come here again, well done volunteers!"
"Very Interesting. Good to see some local exhibits."
"Found the exhibits very educational - excellent!"
"A lot of hard work has gone into this exhibition, thank you."
"Most interesting exhibits to see and hear (the sirens are memorable and takes ones mind back to those times). Shall come yet again (this is my second visit already!)"
"Fascinating display - well done to all envolved in making this a very interesting place."
"Looking forward to the static aircraft coming soon!"
"Amazing want to come again!"
"One of the best."
"Good to see local exhibits, good luck and keep it going!"
"This is my second visit. I throughly enjoyed my first so had to return. Congratualations to all concerned on a very well laid out and informative LOCAL exhibition."
"Thank you all for caring."
"A much more personal exhibition than most other museums - excellent!"
"The children now would not have a clue about war, this might give them a little insight to what is was like. Thanks."
"Wide ranging set of artifacts & historic pieces."
"Very interesting indeed - a real eye opener."
"A thought provoking visit - Thank you."
"A great credit to all the restorers and volunteers."
"Enjoyed the museum much more than I expected. The personal stories and the audio sounds were very moving. I will come again".
"V. Interesting collection - great to have people on hand to answer questions. Sons enjoyed hearing the stories behind the artifacts".
"A lot to see and much to think on."

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