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RAF Redhill Memorial Fund
The Wings Museum at Redhill Aerodrome, is proud to be working in conjunction with Mr. Dowdall who has recently formed the RAF Redhill Memorial Fund. The RAF Redhill Memorial Fund is dedicated to erecting a permanent memorial to the pilots who went missing while flying operations from RAF Redhill during World War Two. Mr Dowdall was a local school boy during the early 1940's and still remembers as if it were yesterday counting the Spitfires back after a sweep to France, only to discover one missing. Together with the Wings Museum who has painstakenly researched every mission flown from RAF Redhill from squadron archives and records a staggering 69 pilots have been recorded who failed to return, some as young as just 20 years old!
Below, we have included an actual transcript of one account of the loss of Flt Lt. North who remains missing in action to this day. Flt. Lt. North is just one of the dozens and dozens of young men who gave their all during those troubled times of World War Two.
"12 Spitfires 457 Squadron took off from Redhill at 1830 hours on Circus 150. Kenley Wing acted as high cover, 457 Squadron flying at 25,000 feet, to Hurricane Bombers attacking Marguise. Bombing appeared good. Between Marquise and Griz-nez about 30 Fw190's and a few Me 109F's were encountered and many combats took place, 6 pilots firing. F/Lt. North was last seen diving on 2 Fw190's with about 8 more E/A after him. Flak was accurate over Boulogne. Sgt. Little's aircraft was hit by cannon shell in port wing and an armour piercing m.g. bullet pierced the cockpit hood. P.O MacLean's A/C was also hit. Landed at Redhill by 2010".
Today, all we can do is remember and respect their young lives and realise that they died so that we can all enjoy more peaceful skies. It is this reason that the RAF Redhill Memorial Fund is dedicated to raising £7,000 to erect a memorial which pays homage to the 'boys' of Redhill.
About our research
The Wings Museum has carried out some extensive research into the history of RAF Redhill, every single mission has been painstakenly researched and a list of the missing or killed in action has been completed in the form of a book of remembrance. Each name has been cross checked with dozens of other sources of information and organisations and in some instances even photographs of the individual airmen have been tracked down so that they are not just a statistic but actual faces of real people. This is the first time that a comprehensive list of missing pilots and airmen from RAF Redhill has been properly documented. All of the work undertaken by the Wings Museum is done so on a purely voluntary basis by both by it's Curators and also Wings Museum Volunteer Len Wellington.
During our research we have also tracked down dozens if not hundreds of photographs of the history of Redhill and these now form a display entitled 'The Redhill Story' a pictorial history of Redhill Aerodrome..
Redhill Aerodrome History
Curators Daniel & Kevin Hunt in front of 'The Redhill Story' on display at the WIngs Museum.
Our Aims and Objectives
To preserve and perpetuate the memory of those from all nations who fought, and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice during the 1939-1945 Air War. By archiving their personal accounts, photo's, personal items, we aim to remember and preserve their otherwise fading memories in a positive and dignified way.
Do you have any photographs of Redhill during the war years or perhaps you might even be related to someone who served at Redhill or went missing flying operations from RAF Redhill during World War Two. If so we would love to hear from you.
Can I help?
Yes, you can help in the form of a donation how ever small or large this may be. We aim to raise £7,000 which will cover the cost of the memorial which will be erected at Redhill Aerodrome for all to see. If you can donate to this worthy cause then please send cheques payable to the RAF Redhill Memorial Fund and post to: Daniel Hunt, The Wings Museum, Hanger 9, Redhill Aerodrome, Kings Mill Lane, Redhill, Surrey RH1 5JY.. Progress will be reported on this website. So please now is our turn to show them that we do remember them.
Can my business help?
If your company can make a donation to help the RAF Redhill Memorial Fund in its goal of erecting a memorial to the airmen of RAF Redhill then please either get in touch with the museum or send your contribution to The Wings Museum, Hanger 9, Redhill Aerodrome, Kings Mill Lane, Redhill, Surrey RH1 5JY.
A list of contributors will be made available on this website in the near future and any major donators will be mentioned on the memorial itself.
Coming soon - 'The Wall of Remembrance'
We are currently collecting artifacts and medal groups of personnel killed or missing during World War Two from all branches of the armed services including the Air Force, Army, Navy etc. The wall will be dedicated to them and their stories will be told in a way that will inspire those who visit the Wings Museum. Their names, their faces, their lives will not be forgotten! If you can help in anyway please contact us today.
RAF Redhill Ensign

The Wings Museum's RAF Ensign flies at Redhill after more than 60 yrs. The Ensign is flown outside the main entrace on selected Museum Open Days.

Our RAF Ensign was presented to the Wings Museum by RAF Odiham in 2008 & flies in memory of all those who lost their lives flying from RAF Redhill during the 1939 - 1945 air wars..

Harold Lesile North 457 Squadron RAF

F/Lt. Harold Lesile North. Missing in action 1/5/1942 aged 22.Last seen diving after 2 Fw190's with eight on his tail.

Remember me.
My brief sweet life is over, my eyes no longer see.
No summer walks, no pretty girls, no Christmas tree for me,
I’ve got the chop, I’ve had it. My daily ops are done
But in another hundred years I’ll still be twenty-one.
RAF Redhill Memorial Fund must thank the following contributors:

Clifford Dowdall, Daniel Hunt, Kevin Hunt, Len Wellington, Redhill Aerodrome Ltd.


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