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B-25 Mitchel Cockpit Restoration

Veteran of the Aluetian Campaign
B-25 Cockpit Section Aluetian campaign

Following it's recovery from the Kurlie Chain of Islands in the North West Pacific, the Cockpit section and 2 engines of a long forgotten World War Two Veteran B-25 Bomber have been returned to the Wings Museum in the UK for restoration to static display.

The remains of a long forgotten North American B-25 were recovered from Eastern Russia by brothers Daniel & Kevin Hunt. The forward cockpit section, rear main fuselage and both engines were airlifted by helicopter and later shipped to the UK. Due to the location of the B-25 it is believed that it was being operated by an American unit flying from Attu with the 11th US Army Air Force. Research is currently under way using the engine numbers as a form of identification. No evidence of any human remains were found at the site and all information was passed onto the American POW/MIA Personnel Office. It is hoped that the USAAF serial number together with information on the crew, squadron and its final mission can finally be tracked down and the story of this B-25 displayed along side the final museum exhibit.


Our B-25 lays forgotten on the Tundra before recovery.

Artifacts and personal stories of the little known 'Aleutian Campaign' will also be displayed alongside the B-25 cockpit. This exhibition will be dedicated to both the ground and air battles that were flogged out in this hostile environment. The campaign climaxed with the invasion of Kiska which was carried out by a determined force of invading US Personnel who successfully pushed the Japanese Army back, thus preventing any further attempts of invading the United States of America. During World War Two the battles fought in the Aleutians were kept out of the public eye as the government feared that the people of America would begin to panic which would have had a diverse effect on the war effort.
The Restoration...
It is planned by the brothers to carry out a sympathetic restoration on the main cockpit section saving as much of the original as possible. A general 'tidy up' will be undertaken and any structural damage particularly the canopy area being repaired and restored to its former glory. Any corrosion which is mainly limited to the under belly area due to years of laying in grass/scrub etc will be treated to prevent any further corrosion from occurring. Any work undertaken will hopefully retain its 'recovered' look with work being limited to basically making it a more attractive museum display. Once the first phase of airframe repairs and anti corrosion work has been undertaken, it is hoped to then move on to restoring the interior by replacing some of the missing cockpit fittings, including pilot & co pilots seats and even the main instrument panel. Any information on the whereabouts of parts to boost this project particularly a pair of early WW2 USAAF pilot & co-pilot seats & also a forward nose section would be most welcome.
New and restored parts ready for the eventual refit
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