Can you help?
Have you ever witnessed any aircraft crashes during World War Two? We are looking to hear from anyone with ANY information regarding aircraft crashes in the UK and Europe. Have you ever wanted to know more about why it crashed or perhaps you have often wondered about the pilots name, age etc. If so we can often help.
WW2 Casualty Groups - RAF, Army, Navy. We will ensure their names are not forgotten.
Volunteers wanted to attend museum during open weekends - would suit retired person within the Surrey/Sussex area.


News Briefing

  • A large quantity of wartime aircraft radios have been donated for display, our thanks go to the contributor for their kind donation.
  • Junkers Jumo 211 Engine turned for the first time in 70 years! The Wings Museum Jumo engine restoration has reached an important stage & now that the strip down is complete we can soon begin refitting items back into the crank case. Don't forget we are always looking for experienced mechanics to get involved in the project.
  • November saw delivery of the Wings Museum "Crew Bunker" a fancy name for a place to hang your hat & make a cuppa!
  • A MkXVI Spitfire spinner has recently been donated for display. For many years it lay in a garden in East Grinstead!
  • The rudder has recently been renovated & fitted to the Wings Museum's ex "Band of Brothers" C-47 Dakota Fuselage, completing this impressive visitors walk-through.
  • The Wings "Radio Shack" was in action at the weekend on 2 and 40 meter bands. So far we have made contact with other museums & a Scout Jamboree. The 2m band is on listening watch at weekends and can provide talk in if needed. Our station is MXOWGS
  • A special museum opening was staged for a group of 7th Burgess Hill Beaver Scouts as part of their Air Activities Badge. A fun time was had by all!
  • The Wings Museum hosted a Rover Car Club Rally with well over 80 cars in attendance. This was a huge success & we would like to thank all those who attended. For group bookings see here>
"Museum Imports a reminder of wartime threat"
The museum has featured recently in the Mid Sussex Times regarding some inert WW2 German Bombs that recently arrived at the museum from Germany. These relics can now be viewed in the "Home Front & Blitz" section of the museum.
ww2 german bomb
  • An investigation has been carried out at the crash site of a Short Stirling that crashed over occupied Europe. The site is still under going investigation & a full report will be added at a later date.
  • Special visit by the Luftfarts Museum in Bodo in Norway. Birger Larsen Museum Curator of the National Air Force Museum in Bodo, Norway, visited the museum & workshop to inspect the Jumo 211 engine that is being restored by museum volunteers.
  • Group Visit by the Sunbeam Owners Club held at the museum during the evening of 2nd of June. By prior arrangement the museum can open to groups of 20 people or more, for further information please see here>
  • Work towards the fitting of the main rudder to our C-47 Dakota walk through exhibit has commenced.
  • Work continues on the restoration of one of the Rolls Royce Merlin XX Engines recovered from Halifax JD150.
  • Our thanks must go to Mr Minost for donating a large collection of models to the museum.
  • Personal Memorabilia to Sir Sydney Camm (famous for the design of the Hawker Hurricane) has been donated for display
  • An original "Anderson" Shelter has been recovered & put on exhibition by volunteers. Visitors can now step inside this Anderson shelter to "feel what it was like during an air raid". This exhibit compliments our original "Morrison" Table Shelter.
June 2011
  • Original Japanese Flying equipment is on its way to the UK! The original pilot's equipment will be displayed along side the Wings Museum's unique Japanese B5N2 "Kate" in the Ghosts of the Tundra display.
  • The Famous Test Pilot Capt Eric Winkle Brown visits the museum and very impressed!! A future book signing day is hopefully planned at the museum to celebrate the launch of his new book.
May 2011
  • The tail fin from a Junkers Ju-88 German bomber complete with original Swastika has arrived at the museum from Norway
  • Items relating to Flight Engineer Sgt. J. Allen who flew 35 ops in Lancasters with 550 Squadron has been donated for display. Come and see the actual incendiary bomb that fell through the bomb aimers window from an aircraft flying above during a mission over Germany!
April 2011
  • The Wings Museum's RAF Willys Jeep displayed at Martell's in East Grinstead during April to help raise money for Help for Heroes & to promote the museum.
  • Four beautiful metal engine stands were recently delivered to display the Merlin engines from Halifax JD150. On behalf of the museum a special thanks must go to Geoff Allchorn of Auto Gearbox Specialists of Hailsham in Sussex & also Ron at Tower Welding.
March 2011
  • Items associated to the Women's Land Army have been donated. The display will be completed for the re-opening of the museum in March 2011.
Jan 2011
  • A Jumo 211 engine has arrived from Norway to assist with our Jumo rebuild.
October 2010
  • A memorial has been unveiled in memory of P.O. Worsdell & Sgt. Gardiner who were tragically killed in their Beaufighter at Balcombe Place on 30th October 1940. Read more>
  • DeHavilland Devon VP967 has found a new home with the Yorkshire Air Museum at Evlington near York. She now shares a hanger with the Museum's Mossie and Halifax Friday the 13th! The museum will continue to maintain her in ground running condition.
  • Work completed on the display of some unique memorabilia associated to Etienne Minost who flew A-20 Bostons with 342 Free French Lorraine Squadron based at RAF Hartford Bridge (now Blackbushe) in Hampshire.
WW2 Veterans Help Save Museum!
  • After a public meeting held on 14th October 2010 and with the support of 10 World War Two RAF Aircrew Veterans wearing their medals, the Wings Museum at Balcombe was unanimously granted planning permission. Supporters to the museum gave a loud clap of appreciation from the Galleries. Even though the museum had no objections from Mid Sussex Council and the Highways Agency several local people ojected to the museum, although no complaints had been received since the museum opened in March of 2010, until just a few days before the planning deadline expired.
September 2010
  • The Wings Museum carried out an excavation of Halifax HR796
  • September 2010 Crawley RAFA Club visit the new and improved Wings Museum.
  • Work is nearly complete on the original instrument panel from Sptifire MT719 which is now located in the US. The original panel was not used in the restoration and has recently been restored by volunteer Derik Rose and will soon be on display.
  • On 25th September 2010 The Wings Museum was officially Affiliated with the Royal Air Forces Association Mid Sussex Haywards Heath Branch 0524 . Read more>
August 2010
  • A large quantity of metal working machiney has recntly been donated to the museum including, a sheet metal roller, milling machine and a sandblasting cabinet. We must thank Thales for their generious donation.
  • The Wings Museum attended the Reigate Hill Fort Open Day with its RAF Jeep together with several museum displays. An excellent day was had by all.
July 2010
  • C-47 Dakota gets new colours! Steve is now well on his way to completing the markings on our C-47 Dakota Fuselage - Lille Belle which crashed in Guildford lives again in the Wings Museum.
June 2010
  • 4 Rolls Royce Merlin XX Engines have recently returned from Germany where they were recovered from a swamp. More on this soon.
  • Curators Daniel & Kevin recently took part in the Burgess Hill Battle of Britian Anniversary Parade. A stall was also manned to promote the museum locally.
April 2010
  • An exciting range of prints have been completed, tiltled "Ghosts of the Tundra" these prints are now available from this website or at the museum.
  • Work is progressing well with the restoration of the Junkers Jumo engine. Both cylinder heads are now removed and work is commencing on the gear box and crank case.
  • Douglas A-26 Invader cockpit section aquired for display at the Wings Museum at Balcombe. This exhibit will be on long term restoration and will enable volunteers to expand their skills following on from their recently completed BAPC courses at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford
March 2010
  • The Wings Museum saw its first grand opening on 20th & 21st March. Despite the weather many people were in attendance to see the new museum. Feedback was very positive - will share the feedback on the website soon. The museum will now be open every Saturday between March - October, opening times are 10am - 5pm.
Feb 2010
  • Curator Daniel Hunt becomes a father! He was born on 10th Feb 2010 and has been named Josepth. Now the fun begins!
Jan 2010
  • Work is now nearly complete on the overhaul of our P-63 Kingcobra nose wheel assembly.
November 2009
  • An ex Lancaster tail gunner popped in to see the museum sete up. Hopefully he will be in attendance for the grand re-opening in 2010!
October 2009
  • Special behind the scenes vist by the Nepthew of Sgt. Colin Smith who lost his life while flying in Avro Manchester L7465. Read more about L7465 here>
  • Repairs to our C-47 fuselage are now complete & team are busy fixing the floor beams in place prior to laying the floor.
  • World's only Japanese B5N2 Kate diarama now complete!
  • A-20 Boston diarama display now complete!
September 2009
  • RAF Redhill display now complete!
  • C-47 / DC-3 Cockpit has now successfully been joined together with the fuselage section of another salvaged DC-3
  • P-63 King Cobra diarama now complete!
  • C-47 / DC-3 Cockpit has now successfully been joined together with the fuselage section of another salvaged DC-3
April 2009
  • Ghosts of the Tundra Display. Work is well underway on this new exhibition which will also tell the stories of some of the 'Last Battles of World War Two' which are nearly all but forgotten - until now! Our A-20 Boston display is also now complete!
  • Curator Daniel Hunt gets Married! On April 11th 2009 Daniel Hunt married Elizabeth Carpenter. In true Wings Museum style the bride arrived in an original 1930's Austin 7 and an ex World War Two pilot W.O. Jack Hodges who flew from RAF Redhill and also later 174 Squadron attended the day!
March 2009
  • Memorial to the crew of Avro Manchester L7465 unveiled in Belgium
  • World War Two Jeep arrives at the Wings Museum! A world War Two Jeep recently arrived at the museum and will be available for static display as well as attending various events where the museum will be promoted by Curator Daniel Hunt who owns the jeep.
  • A Jumo 211 Aero Engine arrives from Norway! The museum is proud to undertake the restoration of one of the Jumo 211 engines which will eventually be refitted to the airframe of Ju-88 D1 Werke Number 088 1203 for display in the Bodo Museum in Norway. Read more about our Jumo restoration here>
Feburary 2009
  • An inert 20mm cannon shell taken at the time from a Redhill Beaufighter has been donated for display.
  • The museum gets a V2 Rocket Engine! The V2 Rocket engine was recovered from a V2 crash site in Essex and was on display in another museum for several years before being aquired for display in the Wings Museum.
December/January 2009
  • The Wings Museum has now completed its move to bigger premises. The Museum decided to move from Redhill Aerodrome due to commercial pressures, an alternative building was offered by Redhill Aerodrome, but it was decided not to be suitable for the museums requirements and would have seen the museum taking a step backwards. The alternative building offered would have also required complete renovation which would have been to costly for the museum to fund. Rest assured that the Wings Museum will reopen as soon as possible bigger and better than before! The museum is set to be at least 5 times bigger than the set up at Redhill! Watch this space as the Wings Museum prepares to grow from strength to strength.
  • Museum School Visit . We were glad to welcome a special visit from students of the Warwick School Redhill on Friday 9th January 2009.
  • VP967 Engine Run. Our DeHavilland Devon G-KOOL (VP967) was run up and given a good blast to blow out the cobwebs!!
  • Restoration of our Rolls Royce Derwent Engine is now complete!
  • Wings Xmas Social . Volunteers enjoyed a pint and a bite to eat in the local as a small token of our thanks for all their help during 2008.
November 2008
  • Wings gets a Meteor! During late 2008 Meteor WF825 arrived by road at the Wings Museum Read more>.
  • The Wings Museum has been Broken into!. The Wings Museum was broken into recently, luckily the perpetrators were caught red handed inside the museum by the Police!
September 2008
  • Work on the memorial stand for the book of remembrance which is dedicated to the 70 plus airmen who lost their lives flying from RAF Redhill during WW2 is well under way. and will be made available for public viewing in the future.
  • Restoration of our Rolls Royce Derwent engine is well underway.
  • The museum continues to get extremely positive feedback from the general public and such feedback is always welcomed.
  • Group Visit from Crawley RAFA. The Crawley Royal Air Force Association visited the Wings Museum on August 20th. A good time was had by all, with very positive feedback!
  • Permission has been granted from the Royal Air Force allowing the Wings Museum to fly the RAF Ensign from Redhill. The flag was raised on Saturday 16th August for the first time after more than 60 years!!
  • Daniel & Kevin Hunt were recently interviewed to talk about the museum for Radio Redhill.
  • Heritage Open Days - the Wings Museum is proud to have been part of this years Reigate & Banstead Borough Councils Heritage Open Days which is organised by the Reigate Society.
August 2008
  • Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC), medals & uniforms relating to a Rear Tail Gunner in Halifax bombers who flew with Bomber Command during World War Two has kindly been donated for display. Research is currently underway to obtain his full RAF history.
  • Spitfire Clock rim wound clock donated for display.
  • Items relating to RAF Redhill including a 1941 dated xmas menu, an RAF Redhill pass, photographs, booklets and a .50 caliber bullet made into a lighter by Canadian Air Men at Redhill have been donated for display. The shell case was most likely picked up from the gun butts at Redhill and would have probably have come from one of the CanadianRAF Mustangs that were based at Redhill at that time.
July 2008
  • A large quantity of wartime Royal Air Force Maps from RAF Redhill have been donated for display. The maps were taken in 1946 from the old watch office. Several of the maps have the pilots name and flight co-ordinates marked on them.
  • Our C-47 fuselage has returned to Redhill via a low loader
June 2008
  • Our Rolls Royce Derwent engine from a Meteor Jet has been moved into the hanger ready for restoration to static display condition.
  • A Rolls Royce Merlin XX engine has been moved into the hanger for a detailed assessment of missing parts damage etc. We aim to complete this engine as a ground running static.
  • Work is progressing well on a static display Gipsy Queen engine and will soon be completed
  • A purpose built steel stand for our C-47 fuselage is now complete, this work has been completed off site. This will form part of phase two of the museum expansion as walk through D-Day experience. Also it is planned to represent the ground battles of the Invasion of Europe in this display.
  • The Wings Museum attended the Surrey History Centres opening of Buried Battles and Veteran's Voices.
May 2008
  • Mk IX Bombsight donated for display, the Mk IX was fitted to early bombers such as the the Whitley, Blenheim, Battle, Anson & the Oxford.
  • Original files & papers concerning German objects dropped from the air & also an incendiary bomb & bomb fuse all from the Reigate area donated for display.
  • A Spitfire boost gauge & original pilots notes for the Hurricane & Spitfire recently donated
  • The museum is now open 2 Saturdays per month up until December 2008.
  • We are now registered with Surrey Museums
  • We welcomed the family of P.O Mathieson who visited us to see the medals associated with P.O. Mathieson which are now on display in the Bomber Command Room.
  • Phase 2 of the museum is now underway
  • The workshop is now ready for action - can you help?
April 2008
  • The Wings Museum has just returned from a searching trip to France to rescue artifacts for display in phase 2 of the museum which will be titled the second front - watch this space!
  • A new floor has recently been fitted to our C-47 Fuselage ready for phase 2
  • A Nazi flag liberated from Berlin during WW2 has been donated for display
  • We were honoured to welcome a former A-20 Boston pilot on a special visit to the museum to see our A-20 Boston which will be on public display in the future.
March 2008
  • The Wings Museum's Grand Opening was a astounding success
  • The Redhill Story photographic display is now complete.
  • Phase 1 of the Wings Museum is now complete
  • CCTV has now been installed in all display areas
  • A series of improvements to the Museum's Fire Precautions has been completed
January 2008
  • C-47 Fuselage takes part in some new film work for a major big screen movie!
  • Items relating to the Air Gunner of a Halifax bomber that force landed here at Redhill while returning from a raid on Germany have been donated for display.
  • The Wings Museum staged it's first official meeting which will now become a regular thing once a month.
December 2007
  • Relatives of Aleksander Pietrzak visit display in honour of pilot of Mustang FX876
  • Relatives of Aleksander Pietrzak locate photograph of Mustang FX876 in Poland!
October/November 2007
  • A huge rescue mission has been carried out by the Wings Museum to rescue the cockpit section of a Fairchild C-119 cockpit and also a C-47 Dakota Fuselage which became threatened when the Council at North Weald Airfield insisted that the areas around the hangers were to be cleared up which resulted in the C-119 and C-47 having to be cleared by a certain date. The Wings Museum stepped in at the last minute and rescued the airframes just in the nick of time.
October 2007
A hunt is on to trace relatives of P.O. Travis who was tragically killed while on duty in the old Watch Office at Redhill in 1944. Read more>
September 2007
  • Medal group & items to Northumberland Fusilers donated for display
  • Remains of Mustang FX876 recovered for display
  • Relics from Spitfire TB885 (ex Kenley Dump) obtained for display including cockpit components & tail wheel!
  • Early flying helmet, gloves & goggles donated for display
  • Exhibition staged on Reigate Hill B-17G 43-39035 - Reigate Fort Open Day Sept 2007
  • Home Guard Display complete
  • Various items donated for display (with thanks to Karl Zielinski)
  • Home Front Display complete
  • Research into WW2 losses from RAF Redhill commenced. This information will be used to form a book of remembrance for the museum
August 2007
  • The air at Redhill is once again filled with the purr of two Gipsy Queen engines as our De havilland Devon G-KOOL (VP967) fires into life after its spring maintenance work. A huge thank you must go out to Andy Scrase who continues to keep the engines in tip top condition.
February 2007
  • Wings Museum gains Charity Status
  • Hampden P1273 display complete
  • 8th Air Force Display Room Complete
December 2006
  • Over 200 photographs illustrating the history of Redhill secured
October 2006
  • Setting up of new museum displays underway.
September 2006
  • Museum move now complete.
Summer 2006
  • Wings Museum re-locates to larger hanger on airfield
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