Hundreds Flock to Wings Museum - Balcombe to meet the "Bomber Boys" Veteran Signing Event
Bomber Boys Veteran Signing Wings Museum
9 Bomber Command Veterans attended the Wings Museum - Meet the Bomber Boys Event in September 2018.
We are pleased to report that our "Meet the Bomber Boys 2018" special event held at the Wings Museum on Saturday 15th September was once again a huge success! The Wings Museum would like to thank all our veterans for their attendance on Saturday and a special thank you must be relayed to all members of the public who demonstrated their support for the "Bomber Boys". The museum Curators would also like to thank all our "Wings" volunteers for their help and support on the day.
£874.04 was raised for the RAFBF.
Watch this space for "Bomber Boys" 2019!
Halifax JD150 Rolls Royce Merlin Engine Run!!
This event also witnessed the unique first public run of Rolls Royce Merlin XX engine recovered from Halifax JD150, which has been painstakingly restored to run again! We were previlleged to have George Dunn DFC who flew Halifaxes press the engine start buttons. It was the first time a real Handley Page Halifax MkII engine with it's unique exhaust system has been heard since 1943!
Wings Museum Halifax Rolls Royce Merlin JD150
Rolls Royce Merlin XX engine from Halifax MkII JD150 roars into life.
Engine Run Videos:
List of names of those veterans in attendance on Saturday 6th May 2017.
W.C. John Bell DFC MBE – Bomb Aimer – Flew 50 sorties
619, 617 Squadrons Lancaster named "Thumper MkIII"
Flt. Lt. George Dunn DFC – Halifax Pilot – Flew 44 sorties
10, 76, 608 Squadrons
Flt. Lt. Harry Hacker – Bomb Aimer – Flew 39 sorties
40 Squadron
Flt. Lt. Jo Lancaster DFC – Lancaster Pilot – Flew 54 sorties
40, 12 Squadron
Flt. Sgt. Bill Chubb Flight Engineer Halifaxes
432 Squadron RCAF
Roy Smith – Navigator Stirlings Flew 43 sorties
106, 189 Squadrons
Flt. Lt. Hal Gardner – Navigator Lancasters Flew 8 sorties
199 Squadron
F.O. Charles Gallagher – Navigator/Bomb Aimer Halifaxes. Completed full tour of ops
76 Squadron
Donald Tams (John Tams) – Navigator Lancasters completed a full tour of ops
No. 115 (RAF Witchford) and No. 195 Squadron (RAF Wratting Common)
Later served in RAF Transport Command flying Dakotas in Burma, Australia & India.

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