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Meet the "Bomber Boys" RAF Bomber Command Veteran's signing event – Saturday 15th September 2018 – Don't forget to tell a friend!
We are also proud to announce that a very special run up of a 1943 Halifax Merlin engine which was recovered from a bog in Germany in 2010 will run for the first time in public at the Wings Museum during the event. This will be the first time that a real Halifax Merlin complete with it's "Saxophone" style exhausts will be heard since the war!

Show your support to our RAF Bomber Command Veterans and help them raise funds for the International Bomber Command Memorial in Lincolnshire.


Veterans of RAF Bomber Command will be attending at the Wings Museum, Balcombe in West Sussex on Saturday 15th September 2018, for a special signing event, signing items of memorabilia, prints & books in aid of The International Bomber Command Memorial. A £10 donation to the Bomber Command Memorial is requested to secure ALL the signatures of these unique men. First signing is at 10.30am – second signing is at 2.30pm. Books and prints are offered for sale on the day or please feel free to bring along your own book or artwork for the "boys" to sign. Or why not bring along an original artifact for them to sign!


This is a rare opportunity to meet a remarkable group of men, many of wholm are now well in their 90’s who, as young men, flew the British ‘heavy’ bombers of WW2 including the Lancaster, Halifax, Stirling, Wellington as well as the remarkable Mosquito Fighter/Bomber. Among their numbers are 3 holders of the D.F.C. (Distinguished Flying Cross), also several aircrew who ‘baled out’ of their stricken bomber and were detained as PoWs, also members of the specialist crack ‘Pathfinder’ units and of the famous 617 ‘Dambuster’ squadron will be present on the day. 

These autographs are now becomming highly collectable – don't miss your chance to meet these remarkable men. Don't forget books and prints will be offered for sale on the day (while stocks last).
Please regularly check this page and the museum facebook page for updates on this special event.
Why are these men so special?

These veterans served as young men in RAF Bomber Command and most had an average age of just 22. The cost of human life was enormous, 55,573 Bomber Command air crew lost their lives in the Second World War.

These crews faced formidable odds, odds seldom appreciated outside the Command. At times in the great offensives of 1943 and 1944 the short-term statistics foretold that less than 25 out of each 100 crews would survive their first tour of 30 operations (many went on to complete two tours). On a single night Bomber Command lost more aircrew than Fighter Command lost during the Battle of Britain. Yet the crews buckled on their chutes and set out with unshakeable resolution night after night. They fell prey to the hazards of icing, lightning, storm and structural failure, and they perished amidst the bursting shells of the flak batteries. But by far the greater number died in desperately unequal combat under the overwhelming firepower of the tenacious German night fighter defenders."

Yet despite the chilling odds, the flow of volunteers never faltered. The price was known to be enormous, but it was a price which continued to be paid with unquestioning courage. If today it represents a debt which can never be repaid, it is at least a debt which must never be forgotten.

"All your operations were planned with great care and skill.
They were executed in the face of desperate opposition and appalling hazards, they made a decisive contribution to Germany's final defeat.

The conduct of the operations demonstrated the fiery gallant spirit which animated your aircrews, and the high sense of duty of all ranks under your command. I believe that the massive achievements of Bomber Command will long be remembered as an example of duty nobly done."

- Winston S. Churchill

Photos from past Wings Bomber Boy veteran signing days....

Ted Stocker Signs a copy of the Bomber Command Memorial book.


John Langston, Reg Barker & Tony Hiscock signing books & prints


Crowds flock to see the "Bomber Boys" at the Wings Museum

John Bell MBE DFC - Bomb Aimer 619, 617 Squadron proudly shows off his medals
bomber command veteran signing event

Dave Fellowes - A Lancaster rear gunner with 460 Squadron RAAF.

wings museum bomber boys
George Dunn DFC (pilot) who features in the official Bomber Command Memorial book - we will remember them and also John Bell DFC who was a bomb Aimer with 617 Squadron.
wings bomber command veterans
Some of Bomber Boys photographed in 2015.

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