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Aviation Archaeology - Beaufighter R2065

The Investigation begins:

MOD Licence Number 1626

We first visited the site of R2065 on 31st Jan 2009, but returned many times after that, below can be seen a few photographs from our first vist - one frosty January day.
Kevin tunes the Forster Deep Searcher - the entire area was scanned on a very sensitive setting but only a small impact area was detected - much of the wreckage was taken away at the time.
Paying our respects to the crew who lost their lives at this very spot - we hold the Wings Museum RAF Ensign
This small insignificant piece of wreckage was the first find made on the site - we knew we weren't far away!
Evidence of the forgotten aircraft begins to emerge from the ground after nearly 70 years. This piece of airframe has since been made into a cross and will be mounted on the cover of the RAF Redhill Book of Remembrance, which can be viewed at the museum and includes the details of Sgt. Worsdell and his air gunner Sgt. Gardiner.
Kevin holds the front of the propeller boss from Beaufighter R2065
Having received the licence from the MOD we finally carried out an extensive hand dig where deep readings had been recorded earlier in the year. It became apparent to the team early on that the aircraft had not penetrated the ground very deep, confirming eye witness reports that large sections were seen on the surface and removed the next day by an RAF recovery team. Never the less some interesting finds were discovered enabling a display to be featured in the RAF Redhill section in the museum.
Kevin examines the first tell tale signs of the crash, some burning and corroded dural
Fragments of instrument casing and glass
Bob Jones and Kevin unearthing a section of badly burned engine bearer. Further down we discovered parts from a gunsite and pieces of burnt wood from the Beech tree.
Daniel holds fragments from the gunsite

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