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Diarys, personal stories, photographs, ANY memorabilia relating to the Aleutian Campaign in World War Two especially items relating to the Invasion of Kiska and the US 11th Army Air Forces.
We are looking for people who are experienced in working with sheet metal. We need your help!
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Aircraft Restoration - B-25 Cockpit Section
A true veteran of the Aluetian Campaign
b-25 cockpit 11th air force
b-25 cockpit restoration
Our B-25 prior to recovery from Russian, this B-25 was operated by the US 11th Army Air Force
On long term restoration at the Wings Museum is the cockpit of a North American B-25 Mitchel bomber, this B-25 was lost on a bombing mission in May 1945. Work has currently been focused around the roof structure which was damaged during recovery when the corroded brackets (see below) caused the roof stucture to become unstable. The plan is to restore the cockpit and refit with original instrument panel and parts. The full history of this aircraft will added to this website soon.
Recent work...
These beautiful brackets (below) were manufactured to original drawings by Prior Engineering. Thier level of quality and precision never ceases to amaze me! The brackets are what basically holds the upper roof structure in place which collapsed upon recovery due to the severe corrosion as can be seen below in the next photograph.

Pilot's Bulk Head 'Hoop' attachment brackets. Because of the level of corrosion we had new ons made which will now allow us to continue working on the cabin roof structure.

b-25 cockpit brackets
A before and after of the cockpit brackets, the difference is obvious! and the finished result is beautiful!
We must thank Aero Trader in the US for supplying the drawings and also Prior Engineering.

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