RAF Redhill Ghosts!

Ghosts at Redhill Aerodrome - everyone has their own beliefs on the subject, but the following is an account of several strange, but true, events which are as yet un-explained.

With kettles mysteriously turning themselves on, strange earthly knocking sounds witnessed by many and the strong sense of history that one feels when spending any time around the old aerodrome, one does begin to wonder.


On one particular evening one of the volunteers was working late in a back room with the main door firmly locked a strange series of events seemed to unfold. With an old drafty hanger one is to expect doors creaking and the odd bang or knock, but on this occasion the volunteer was alerted to the sound of the door to the main museum area open and then close again. The volunteer walked calmly over to the door expecting to see another museum volunteer that had perhaps let themselves in, but there was nothing there. This may not seem that strange but what was about to happen left this particular volunteer speechless! As the volunteer approached the door he could hear what sounded like movement in the corridor and just as he approached the door to another area, the door suddenly closed with a firm, almost deliberate action. The volunteer, still expecting to
see someone familiar, opened the door again, hearing what seemed like movement but when he turned the corner it was clear that no one was there! A shiver immediately went up the spine of the volunteer, who was left calling out thinking that they were the subject of a prank but alas no one answered and the front door was still firmly locked!


Hanger 9 - 1934 (the first hanger to be erected at Redhill)


On another occasion, while working late, one volunteer whilst working on a computer heard foot steps along the corridor which led up to the office he was working in and stopped outside the office door. The volunteer got up and went to investigate and again there was no-one there! Once again the front door was firmly locked and no other people were in the building. Now, what was strange was that this happened a further two times, each time no-one was the there! The volunteer decided to call it a day and go home! There is no central heating in the hanger which might have been on explanation.


Of course these events could be completely normal but so far there is no explanation as to the source of these strange noises.

Research so far indicates that many pilots failed to return from operations while flying out of RAF Redhill. The morgue, which is now used as a store, is known to have been used on several occasions. Also, when one considers the various exhibits on display in the museum, many of which undoubtedly have their own untold stories, and not forgetting the history associated to RAF Redhill, which is often overlooked and the names forgotten, compared to RAF Kenley and RAF Biggin Hill which are well recorded and documented. Redhill has got a rich history to be proud of and if such a thing as ghosts really do exist, then Redhill has to be a prime candidate for the paranormal.


One early evening one of the founders was drying his hands in the gents loo when a tap suddenly turned itself on for no apparent reason! He walked over to the tap and turned it off, could this be just a case of old plumbing or was it something more? you decide.
Update 2009:
The museum has now moved out of Redhill Aerodrome but have the ghosts followed us! well it is too early to say but so far a dog has been witnessed to freeze looking at the cockpit of the C-47 Dakota appearing to see something and barking loudly at the old aircraft. Many things have gone missing only to turn up somewhere else but I have to say on this occasion this is more likely our volunteers! god bless them!
Update 2010:
Whilst not as frequent as our old Hanger at Redhill Aerodrome, we still occassionally have the odd strange thing happen from time to time. For example several items apparently moved around inside a sealed display case including a very heavy oil pump which some how rolled up and over some other artifacts. The odd thing is that we had a cd player on top of the case playing speeches including some of Hitlers speeches, perhaps these strange powers objected to hearing these sounds. The CD player is still in the same place but instead we play 1940's music (mainly because we got rather fed up hearing Hitler all day long!).

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