Fairchild C-119 & Douglas C-47 Rescue And Recovery
In 2007 several airframes came under threat at North Weald Aerodrome in Essex. The aircraft were at risk of being scrapped, in 2007 Wings Museum founders stepped into the breach to mount a rescue operation to salvage several C-47 "chunks" including a C-47 fuselage and also a Fairchild C-119 cockpit section. The C-47 fuselage had suffered at the hands of vandals over the years so she really was in a sorry state. The gutted & burned cockpit section has since been sold to recoupe recovery costs and is now believed to in France with a private collector. Parts and sections from a total of 3 C-47 aircraft were salvaged and voluteers set about making one complete fuselage from the array of parts and airframes. This is now a major "visitor experience" where visitors can actually walk through the centre section experiencing sounds of the engines and anti-aircraft fire as it would have been on D-Day.

Fairchild C-119 'Packet' Cockpit Section Salvage (2007)

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C-119 Cockpit Section

C-119 Cockpit Section - Arrives at the Museum 2007

During Late September ex North Weald based C-119 cockpit section was rescued from the threat of potential scrap by members of the Wings Museum The relic became threatened by ongoing pressure from the local council to ‘tidy up’ the outside aprons around the hangers at North Weald Aerodrome. The effort and cost involved in moving these relics was certainly not for the faint hearted! but members of the Wings Museum stepped into the breach once again. The rescue of these otherwise overlooked relics stands as a testimony to the museums dedication and love of old aircraft.
If only the same attitude was adopted during the post war years many more airframes would have survived for future generations to enjoy. This particular C-119 or ‘Flying Boxcar’ served with the US Air Force as 51-2700 and went to the Belgian Air Force as CP-9. It entered the UK's civil register as G-BLSW (after being modified from C-119F to C-119G) and was later re-registered as N2700.
C-119 Cockpit Section at NorthWeald

Time is running out for C-119 Cockpit Section at North Weald 2007

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C-119 Cockpit Section Prepared For Loading

C-119 is prepared for loading

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C-119 Nose Section is lifted onto the transporter

C-119 Nose Section is lifted onto the transporter

C-119 Nose is gently lowered onto the flat bed
The C-119 Nose is gently lowered onto the flat bed
C-119 Nose Section Ready for journey to Redhill Aerodrome

The C-119 Nose is ready for the journey to the Wings Museum

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